When will openSUSE Leap 15.4 be available as a target on Copr?

openSUSE Leap 15.4 was released 2022-06-08, but Copr still does not have a chroot/target for it. Leap 15.2 is still present, but is deprecated.

I just made a build for a new release of upstream software and for 15.4 I needed to release a simple RPM on packagecloud.io rather than Copr as I usually would.

When are the chroots updated by the Copr engineers?

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Hello Bryce, could you open a ticket in here : https://pagure.io/copr/copr/issues

So copr people can follow up and you can reach them easier.

Also one more thing we have opensuse leap 15.3 in list as well. I guess It just a matter of time they likely add 15.4 as well. But asking them in there would be better.

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