When starting a linux guest in virt-manager , I do not have full screen login. How can I change it?

I use a LG 25" wide screen 21:9
The video mode in virt-manager is virtio.
When I’m login I can change it to the size of 2560x1080 but the change is not system wide.

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Hi how did you do that.
I also have a wide screen same resolution lg monitor but i have set that with a hdmi but i could only set the resolution to 1920*1080. How did you set that…
I could not able to do so

@mattdm after the merge i find old solutions/posts
Images are not loading. Can you look into it.

Klick on the blue " i " circle and go to Video. There you choose Virtio. As I do understand it passes the settings of the host config?! After login i generally have 2560x1080 (60Hz) available.

But on the login screen I do have a lower resolution (tested on F37 KDE-Plasma).

This not changed it to the higher resolution with kde (Initial login screen).

Also the Locale is still on EN_US (Time Settings AM-PM). Just after the login I do have the Settings. I choosen in the Display resolution and the Locale Settings. I Remember in Mate desktop it had the option to change System wide. Even if it also not worked every time.

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I think that’s this:

I expect this will be fixed tomorrow.

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You probably need to run spice-vdagent inside the DM session.
Either as a systemd user unit, or as a XDG autostart application, etc.
It should be similar to GDM that runs in a separate session under the gdm user.

Thanks for the link @vgaetera for other than KDE works out of the box. Maybe I just have to give a new try with F38 KDE.