When installing the system, the user tries to uninstall a disk and the error is reported, how to solve!

Hello everyone, I’m from AngelaEnder from Bilibili, today my friend install the latest version of Fedora appeared in the installer, when the user uninstalls a volume, always report an error.
this photo is here

Fedora gangsters help me!!!

This appeared on live USB session or after the installation? If on live USB session and it contain the ISO, then only remove the USB after the installation completed since it still being uses to load the Fedora live USB session. Or if you want to cancel the installation, just shut it down the OS from menu or terminal with systemctl poweroff.

You should not remove your usb during the installation. If you want to cancel the installation, just power it off from the menu or from terminal and type systemctl poweroff.

Btw, would you like take picture the whole display since I can’t figure out what the state of your system from only the popup window?

Not the installation process, but before installation

@oprizal hello!Are you there?

You should not remove your usb during the live session (the USB that contain the ISO). Just power it off by opening the terminal and type systemctl poweroff then enter. Remove your USB after the system power off.

Hello!You may not understand I meaning.It’s before installation.After partition the disk,this error is appear.

Can you show a screenshot of the partition screen please? Did you customise it, or are you using the default one?

What everyone is saying, AngelaEnder, is that the user should not be unmounting the USB. The USB is used as part of the installation process and cannot be unmounted. Once the installation is complete and the system is rebooting onto the newly installed system, the USB is then no longer needed and can be unplugged from the USB slot.
Is the user trying to unmount the USB device, or is this message appearing by itself? If by itself, please make sure that the user is not trying to use the USB device as one of the devices to be partitioned.

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