What's the next-best thing to installing Fedora over windows?

The computer I’m typing this on has been having some issues, and I have a Dell Windows 10 laptop in the house (maybe 2 or 3 years old) that I somehow failed to get Fedora onto before, so it’s virtually unused. I’m wondering if anyone would recommend using WSL 2, or some other virtualization software. I used VMWare in the distant past, but if no one can raise their hand and say “I do that myself,” I’ll pass.
For the sole purpose of cross-platform development, it might be nice to be able to run stuff on Windblows, but if it involves significant compromises in terms of what Fedora can do, then forget it.
There’s a “Fedora Remix for WSL” on the Microsoft store by Whitewater Foundry. I’m betting none of the $6 it costs goes back to the Fedora Project?

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WSL isn’t really like virtualization.

It runs fine in vmware, there shouldn’t be any issues there.

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Install it alongside Windows in a dual boot environment. (Or in a VM depending on your workflow)

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I personally prefer installing fedora and then installing windows using KVM and virt-manager. It seems to run fast than vmplayer or virtual box.

I personally do the dual-boot scenario mentioned above.

I guess if you need both running at the same time then the virtual environment mentioned would work as well, but you said your laptop is virtually unused since it is windows and that leads me to believe the dual boot scenario would easily meet your needs.

Dual booting would allow the cross-platform development and testing without hampering usage of either OS.

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