"What's New in F38" URL different from the expected pattern in GNOME Software

Hello people,

I know there’s a lot going on. I just want to report, the link I follow from the Software App for the ‘Learn about the new version’ (related to the Fedora 38 upgrade) points me to a 404 page, here the link:


Maybe here this is not the right channel, where should I report this kind of things?

Happy 38!

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The URL slug for previous releases was whats-new-fedora-$releasever-workstation, but the latest article changed to whats-new-in-fedora-workstation-38.

The URL pattern is defined in a GNOME Software plugin, so I think the short term fix will have to come from magazine-team, not sure who to ping on this.

Could a redirect be set up from the expected URL https://fedoramagazine.org/whats-new-fedora-38-workstation/ to the current live URL https://fedoramagazine.org/whats-new-in-fedora-workstation-38/?

Thanks for the report! @glb is on it. :classic_smiley:

It’s fixed. There are now several URLs that you can use to access the article, but the one GNOME Software expects works. Thankfully, WordPress does the right thing when you change the article slug after publication.