What would you say is the best way to run containerized graphical applications?


I’m blown by how well graphical applications run inside containers in Silverblue 35.

A nice way (for me) I came up with to launch these apps is by doing so from the command line by using nohup, a tool that serves well my need and is already part of the OS baseline toolset. I could go ahead and create a .desktop file, but I don’t really need it.

I still need tho to tweak the command I use a bit, regardless it works well like this:

% nohup toolbox run -c $CONTAINER_NAME $PATH/$APP &


nohup toolbox run -c brave /usr/bin/brave-browser &

In my testing (admittedly just a handful) I didn’t find any issues launching new apps - and closing the terminal after that -, or invoking the same app once and again while an instance of it is already running,

As I said nohup does the job well, but I’m still asking myself if there might be a case for using GNU Screen or tmux

Does anyone else run graphical apps like this? If so, are you aware of any possible issue(s) derived from doing so?