What /usr/bin/egrep and /usr/bin/fgrep do in fedora?

I’ve just done a scan with rkhunter and i got warning with this 2 :
" /usr/bin/egrep "
" /usr/bin/fgrep "
with the following warning: " the command - has been replaced by a script: - script, ASCII text executable". ( - is the directory name) .
Do i need to worry, what excatly does this two directory do in fedora 37?
Thanks for any help

They are not directories, they are shell scripts. You can see their content if you want. There used to be separate commands for grep’s -E and -F options named egrep and fgrep but that is not the case anymore. They are just shell scripts with grep -E "$@" and grep -F "$@" in their content and nothing to worry about. They are there for backward compatibility.


You also can run rkhunter with the --propupd option to update the database so it sees the files as they are and will stop complaining about the currently normal situation being different than what it believes it should be.
man rkhunter
I seem to recall that it may also be necessary to tell rkhunter what is OK by editing /etc/rkhunter.conf or by doing as the man page suggests and create the directory /etc/rkhunter.d then place your custom configs inside that new directory. After changing the config then it is necessary to run rkhunter --propupd to update the database.


Ok thank you very much to all of you.

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