What should you cleanup in your user profile after Fedora upgrades?

Hi All,

Just a question sparked by a few bugs in the course of an upgrade install of F33 to F34. I have discovered that my profile settings have caused some of these and that profile has been hanging around since at least F31 (I believe that was the last fresh install I did on this particular machine).

So my question is, What can I safely clean up from my user profile to ensure I have an optimal experience when upgrading from older versions of Fedora? My bugs are mostly centered around font related issues in applications like GIMP but even after removing the ~/.config/GIMP and ~/.cache/gimp folders and the fontconfig folders in the same locations I still have font issues.

I understand completely that the easy solution is to switch to a new user profile and move my data over, but that then means having to track down all the necessary dot files etc and hoping I don’t miss anything I require or backing all of that up and moving it back into the new profile as needed.

So does anyone know what you can safely get rid of to clean up your user profile after an upgrade from older Fedora versions?


So I have determined the source of my font issue was either a ~/.fonts folder or a ~/.fontconfig folder in my profile because after removing both it’s resolved my font problems. As far as I’m aware both of these are meant to be in .config or something anyway. I still think that there’s more that could be done to cleanup after a new Fedora upgrade. I personally run KDE so that might help get the ball rolling here maybe? Either way I was hoping to spark a conversation around everything one might safely clean from their user profile when starting from a fresh upgrade…I get that this requires detailed knowledge of the DE and detailed knowledge of what has changed between versions, i was hoping to find such a person by posting this thread :smile:

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