What should I do with the "packages would changed" Error in Fedora Silverblue?


I ran the command sudo rpm-ostree install -A alacritty, and it completed successfully. When I looked at the last lines, there was an error:

rpm-md repo 'updates-archive' (cached); generated: 2023-01-05T01:30:05Z solvables: 16144
Resolving dependencies... done
Will download: 1 package (1.9 MB)
Downloading from 'fedora'... done
Importing packages... done
Relabeling... done
Checking out packages... done
Running pre scripts... done
Running post scripts... done
Running posttrans scripts... done
Writing rpmdb... done
Writing OSTree commit... done
Staging deployment... done
Freed: 3.5 GB (pkgcache branches: 55)
error: packages would be changed: 8, enable replacement to override

What do I do to resolve this warning? Or is it safe and normal behavior?

System information

  • Fedora Silverblue 37
  • Gnome DE
  • Wayland
  • Intel i7 6th gen
  • Nvidia GTX 980 Ti
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This looks like a bug,

which points to another bug

But there isn’t a lot of information regarding resolving the issue in either of them.

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