What’s new in Fedora Workstation 35

Every cycle Fedora Magazine hosts an article describing the new hotness in Fedora Workstation edition.


The Workstation working group is seeking new blood to pen the article for Fedora 35 Workstation edition.

Draft GNOME 41 release notes are here (note there are some differences between upstream GNOME 41 and Fedora; and GNOME 41 is not released until tomorrow!)

Key areas:
Power mode settings
GNOME Software
GNOME Connections

Any suggestions who may be interested in writing this article?


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Hello @chrismurphy ,
+1 from me! It’s been awhile for one of these articles, and I think it’s timely for the community. Let’s brag about the “Bright and Shiny”/

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I’m I correct in thinking that this is the one that has a special URL and that needs to go out just before the Beta release announcement so that the desktop link will work?

I might have time on Sunday to whip something up. But if I do it, it will likely end up being a quick hack job rather than something well-researched.

+1 I’ve created Taiga card #387 for this article.
I’m afraid I’m not in a position to write this, however.

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Pretty sure this goes out for final, not beta. @aday @ngompa @catanzaro

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It appears this should publish on Tue 2021-10-19

For anyone writing it, I was looking for new games in F35. I’ve added Alchemy Quest, Anagramarama, and Inertia Blast. I see a review request for Escape being added. Any other review requests I’ve found for games were also added to F34 so they aren’t completely new.

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That’s my understanding too.

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Card #387 for this topic is under way for anyone that is concerned.