What packages are included in a Fedora 30 workstation install?

Hello, does somebody have a list of all packages installed on a fresh Fedora 30 installation?
I know I can use dnf command with a fresh fedora on a VM. but this will take time.
Thank you.


Hi @aerfanr, welcome to the community! Please take a look at the introductory posts in #start-here if you’ve not had a chance yet.

The Fedora workstation image is built using this recipe:


As you’ll see, it includes the following package groups:


You can see what these groups include in the “comps” files where they are defined. The two major ones are:

PS: I link to these instead of pasting the results because these files change.


Thank you for the fast answer. That is very useful.

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What is the meaning of type="optional" for some packages? Are they installed with fedora or not?

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Packages marked optional are not installed on default workstation.


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