What others think about mastodon account

What we think to have a mastodon account for fedora
It is a continuation from askfedora site and lounge.
I think we should have a mastodon.


We’ve had discussions about it before. I don’t see any reason why not — it just takes a team of interested people to keep it going. A dead account is in many ways worse than none.


Why dead we will post there also like other distros accounts

I don’t use Mastodon habitually, but I have a sense that all social media accounts require a presence of mind; it is not adequate to make it a one-way broadcast, folks want to interact with the account.

If that is the case, I think it takes effort to keep the account going, to create and follow the processes that allow for a single account to represent the… community? Org? Do individual teams/efforts/apps/SIGs get accounts? :thinking:

I raise these questions not to discourage, but rather as issues to be aware of as plans are made to interact with the fediverse. :slight_smile:


I think it is important to be in mastodon as we can see what is going on in the twitter maybe in future some countries ban them if that happens we need back up. Mastodon is a good way to start.


Can you create a ticket in GitLab and tag it as ‘easy_fix’? I think this goes hand to hand with the new social media strategy.


I would love to have your feedback on: Create mastodon account and plan for running thtat (#5) · Issues · fedora / Fedora Marketing / Marketing Planning · GitLab

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@mattdm should we discuss the possibility of having a mastodon instance for ourselves?

Love the prospect of there being a Mastodon account for Fedora!

If there is an instance set up, and maybe accounts for different aspects of Fedora as well, that could be neat! eg: Fedora, Workstation, Silverblue, etc.

I’d also be particularly interested in helping out where possible! :smiley:

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I’m up for discussing! It seems like maybe a lot of work, though?

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Yes, it looks like. That’s why I thought on use one of the options mentioned in the GitLab issue. But some people seem interested, maybe one of them are up to maintain it?

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---- correction, I can and would be thrilled to maintain a Mastodon profile, but I do not have the resources to maintain an instance. Sorry for any confusion!


Full disclosure: (1) I don’t really use Twitter or similar platforms; I’m a Reddit kind of guy. (2) I’m just going off what I’ve learned about Mastodon from looking at it from the outside.

How would making accounts work on a Fedora-run Mastodon instance? Would it be open to only members of the Fedora community, requiring a Fedora account (assuming those two things can be tied), or would it be open for possibly anyone to make an account similar to how you can on other Mastodon instances?

If Fedora gets a Mastodon account, I can see content being mirrored from the Twitter account. As long as someone is keeping an eye on the Mastodon account for engagement purposes I think it would be another user-facing presence that Mastodon users could take advantage of. This would also add to the encouragement of Mastodon as a real FOSS alternative to the big social media platforms.

If Fedora gets a Mastodon instance that is open to people outside of the community making an account (as long as they follow the Code of Conduct) - or even if it is/can be limited to Fedora accounts, I think that would a bigger boon to Mastodon as a whole. In that case Fedora could see the following benefits:

  1. The benefit of having a Fedora presence on another platform as stated above.
  2. Providing an opportunity to join said platform through a brand that you trust, for people who are not already on Mastodon and might be hesitant to join instances that would be new to them.
  3. Potentially contribute to the increased decentralization of Mastodon through a new instance depending on how that is set up.
  4. See increased mindshare from all the people who are making an account through the Fedora instance. In the back of your mind you would know that you have your Mastodon account through Fedora.
  5. Potentially enjoy some positive PR as a Linux distro that is supporting another up and coming FOSS project, not unlike with the use of Discourse and Matrix.

There are also potential cons to making an instance.

  1. The costs and resources need to maintain an instance, including standing one up. I personally have no idea what that would like and how much attention it would require.
  2. Having to moderate yet another space. This would depend on the implementation of who gets to make an account, whether its open to all or only Fedora accounts. While you would have the Code of Conduct to help define what is or is not allowed, you would also need to spend resources potentially moderating the instance for those that break the rules. If it’s open to anyone who wants an account, that’s even more people to moderate. Potentially you’d have to ask yourself, how much of this is actually related to Fedora vs just Fedora providing an unrelated service. If the implementation and support is easy, this may not be a concern, but it is something to consider.
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I am interested in opening this though i am not in a marketing team but this should be up

And have posted in lounge so what is the primary hinder for opening one