What is the video player shipped F40 ws

The question is what is the video player that is shipped with F40 WS? I was looking that one today from F40 silverblue qnd it is not shipped there by default? Just need to know what and where i can get it

Workstation or Silberblue?

Workstation has it silverblue dont have it need to get it to silverblue

See [RFE] Ship all applications available in Workstation by default · Issue #289 · fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker · GitHub

you need to install a video player as flatpak. I recommend vlc but totem should also be available.

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yeah found totem, butt seems it has stopped recieving updates latest version is 43 and huge notifications it wont get updates anymore

well i hope Gnome Videos/Totem gets continued it was really good simple video app when needed and now it is discontinued and i really dislike VLC just need to find simple Totem replacment

and yes i found it there is coming replacment and in work already at Gnome Nightly builds yes i am so happy again just need to wait to get hands on this one looks nice and simple