What is the suggested approach(es) to correctly set up a Silverblue Workstation

Sure, What do we want to call this document? I (cheekily, and because I’m a motorhead at heart) called it “Driving Silverblue”, but like I said, I was being indulgent at the time.

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PR Submitted. Driving Silverblue is now open for thrashing.

Link? I can start testing stuff


I just got the skeleton of a document, and really, I’m not content with the titles. I know that sounds trite but there is merit in choosing a good and descriptive title for what you are trying to communicate/share. I saw your list of items pertaining to this discussion of @miabbott’s at the issue site for Silverblue doc’s, I believe issue #17. Perhaps we could flesh out those particular ideas as a starting point for placing meat on the bones of the document. What does @miabbot think about that?

The link is here, https://pagure.io/fork/jakfrost/fedora-docs/silverblue , but be warned, there is little of substance for your palette.

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