What is the replacement for abrt (crash reporting) in Fedora Silverblue?

One thing I noticed in Fedora Silverblue is that abrt/abrt-gui is missing…?

So how can crashes be reported?
What is the replacement?
Is there any plan to re-create/adjust abrt for Silverblue/flatpaks?

I already noticed some programs crashed, but nothing else happened afterwards. No reporting possibility, restart suggestion, not even any notification.

Looks like the abrt folks are still trying to sort out the best way to approach this problem - Reporting problems in Flatpak applications - ABRT

In the meantime, I’d try just rpm-ostree install abrt-gui and see how that works. (I’ve not tried, so I’d be curious to hear any feedback)

The systemd coredumpctl is enabled by default at least.

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I’ve tried it recently and you have to install abrt-desktop instead of abrt-gui (that -desktop will bring -gui). ABRT works, but it brings 69 packages with itself.