What is the Fedora's alternative to macOS' Preview?

I just take a screenshot using Virt-manager of the running guest.

If I am in macOS, Preview will do all the cropping, anotation, resize, etc.

What do Fedora have for this simple use?

When you speak about tools, please provide some information on what they are and what they do. You shouldn’t assume that users of the forum will be privy to all the tools that are out there, especially if they’re non Fedora/Linux tools. So, please update your question to explain: what is Preview? Even a link would suffice: your helpers shouldn’t have to do the extra work.

So, is Preview an image viewer or is it part of the MacOS virtual machine tool, or is it something else entirely?

Thank you for the reminder, FranciscoD.

Preview is an macOS built-in app, such that:

  1. It can open image files and PDF files
  2. It can crop and resize images, copy content and create as new.
  3. It can annotate by adding text, shapes, etc.

My use case, is after doing screen shot, cut out suitable area. Then share/post.


Ah, right. Gnome/Fedora Workstation comes with the default “eye of gnome” image viewer which allows one to browse and rotate images:


There are other image viewers out there that may permit editing images, but then they’re not “viewers” but “editors”. I generally just use GIMP for all necessary editing:

Here’s an older Fedora magazine post with some other options:

Gnome now includes Gnome-photos which allows editing:


KDE has its own too:



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Thank you very much!

I will start with for gThumb for now.


Since Preview apparently also displays and let you modify PDFs, here is a link describing two alternatives for editing PDFs on Fedora:

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Thank you for sharing, florian.


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