What is the F36 version of the package "mesa-vulkan-devel"?

As the title says, what is the F36 version of the package “mesa-vulkan-devel” which was needed to build things for F35 and prior? Trying to hammer out a spec file for a few RPMS and mock is unhappy due to that package no longer being present.

TY in advance!

It was removed because it was empty. Commit - rpms/mesa - 7c62c9e9b316c0b3c982adb91ba9de5640a63515 - src.fedoraproject.org

Was there something in particular you were looking for?

Yes the vulkan devel files, for compiling anything that needs them. I will admit, at some point it was the correct package to pull in in the spec’s buildrequires portion, not sure when it changed. Just want to ensure that I am pulling in what is needed, and nothing more.


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I think you’re looking for vulkan-headers.

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Related package:

mesa-vulkan-drivers.i686                                 22.1.1-1.fc36                      @updates                       
mesa-vulkan-drivers.x86_64                               22.1.1-1.fc36                      @updates   

on 5.18.5-200.fc36.x86_64

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TY Those packages did the trick!