What is the Copr repo: PyCharm by phracek?

Hello again,

I wanted to know minutes ago, what repos I have under F35. Everything seems to be okay, but one repo does not mean nything to me. It’s name is Copr repo for PyCharm owned by phracek.
Does someone know something about ? Dr. Google said it has to do with IDE. Means to me developing software. But I’m not in this buisness.

Thanks Peter


Take a look at the workstation documentation on third-party repositories here:

there’s no harm in having the repository enabled—it does not mean the tool will be installed on your system, and you can even disable/remove this repository if you wish.

PyCharm is an integrated development environment (IDE) for the Python programming language:


You can disable it using sudo dnf config-manager --set-disabled phracek-PyCharm if you wish.
(Or, sure, yeah, turn it off in GNOME Software).


You can disable the repo from software center like so :




Thank you very much all of you. I will read the information and then decide what to do.

Another question: the thread is now fullfilled/ answered, is it my obligation to do something with it ? Sorry for asking, but it is only the second Thread that I opened.

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It’s polite (but not required) to mark the reply you find most directly and helpfully answers your question as the solution. That way, people with the same question later can easily find that answer.

I was going to ask the same question.
The Copr repo for PyCharm owned by phracek was included in the workstation install. There is a reason that copr repos are separate, should a copr repo be active by default in the F35 installation?

BTW this is a brand new gaming computer, F35 it’s first boot and it runs all but one of my Steam games.

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If you toggeled the Third Party Repo slider at install, that is part of it.

So if I had set the third party repos off the copr would not have been added?
OK that kind of makes sense, they are not active in the live session before install.
It was just a “I didn’t order this” moment. I see this is also where the nvidia driver repo came from.

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Copr is a set of software repositories outside of the official Fedora distribution. Everything there needs to be open source and legal to distribute, but doesn’t need to go through review or meet the fairly-strict Fedora Packaging Guidelines. I’m not sure exactly what the sticking point on PyCharm is, but I suspect that it’s because it’s based on some bundled framework that’s hard to untangle to meet the packaging rules. It is an open source project, so the Workstation group decided that it’s useful enough to make it easily available to people despite that, if people opt-in to those extra repos.

It’s not an issue with PyCharm per-say, it’s that a typical User reaction to seering the title of the repo, and not expecting to have this specifically. The title says explicitly Copr repo for PyCharm owned by phracek


A New User can be taken aback slightly about this, it’s just the wording of the title.

It’s quite alright to have this reaction, It’s rather normal recently. In the software center, you can move the slider on any repo you want ot disregard.

@mattdm I recently noticed this repo on my system, my question is why enabling thirdparty repos add a some random repo that we are not interested.

@a1g0jack I do not think this is related to NVidia drivers, by the way If one want to install PyCharm they could use Jetbrains Toolbox app.

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They are not “random” repos. They are repos curated by the workstation working group that have been added as extras to allow users to conveniently install some commonly used tools.

No defaults work for everyone. Please just disable the repos you don’t want to use :slight_smile:


Why does one want to add repo to use PyCharm when there is Jetbrains Toolbox?

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Why does one want to use a heavyweight tool like Jetbrains Toolbox bundled in a series of appimages when there is repo with Pycharm available? :wink:

It is all about personal preference.


JB Toolbox is lightweight app and it support installing many different versions of the same IDE and many other JB IDEs. Another thing all the updates are coming from official sources.

Anyway it is your choice! But it is not good to include such personal preference type tool repos by default.

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I’m going to close this topic now because all the recent discussion is unrelated to the actual question.