What is the best way to export iTunes music library (60GB) to Fedora?

I could start with asking which app to use as an iTunes alternative but I think I remember someone recommending one called Lollipop so I will try that out first. Any other suggestions very welcome though.

I have around 60GB of music in my iTunes library on mac, including aroud 20 playlists (if those are even salvageable when migrating)

Does anyone know how on Mac to export the tracks from my library whilst bring over as little superfluous Apple junk as possible? I never used icloud or anything like that, it’s just local saved music only.

Just want to hear any opinions before having a go and making a mess of it as I know large imports are best done right the first time! Grateful for any tips, thanks

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Are any of the tracks DRM protected? If so they will not work outside of itunes.

You could look inside ~/Library for the itunes folder and see if the tracks are stored as files. They used to be.

If so you should be able to copy the folder tree over to your Fedora system.

Thanks, I looked and it’s a list of folders of artists by the looks of it, that seems to be the way it sorts/files them.
DRM - Not sure what that is but 99% sure it won’t affect me, I have never bought any music other than on CD and imported via my CD drive, proper caveman me :smiley:
thanks again, will have a go at that over weekend

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DRM is digital rights management use to encrypt tracks.

Same here imported from CD.


Potentially the biggest regret I have in Digital Life, was not preserving my Audio Library. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

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I know how you feel, this is only a fraction of what I had, and making sure i preserve it now! One of my bugbears with moden digital life, so ‘convenient’ (apparently) but there’s something truly soulful missing these days by tapping the play button on Spotify (not that I use that!) instead of pulling out a big chunk of vinyl, laying it down, blowing off any dust, setting the stylus down and waiting for the crackles and pops to turn into a big rich sound on a set of floorstanding hardwood speaker cabinets!
Oops, someone is showing their age :smiley:

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