What is systemd? and how to create a service?

Hey team, I would like to propose an Article on a systemd, where we’ll have look at what’s systemd and how to create a service on fedora 34.
Outline for Article:

  • What’s systemd?
  • What is service/daemon?
  • How we can create a service?
  • Demo

so please let me know what we can do with this proposal

Thank You,
Mahesh Bhosle


Hello @mahesh1b ,
There is a series of systemd article that begins here [https://fedoramagazine.org/systemd-converting-sysvinit-scripts/](What is an init system? - Fedora Magazine) and ends here https://fedoramagazine.org/systemd-template-unit-files/
Any article about systemd should be referencing those first, also there may (and very likely is) new information regarding some aspects of working with systemd which should be highlighted, since this series was begun in 2015.
+1 from me on the general concept, I would still want to make every effort to utilize previous magazine posts.


I want to see demo with creating one service to run in boot up (Network is online ) and one on shutdown (to save still running libvirt VMs)

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+1 I’ve created the Taiga card #320 for you. Please add the WordPress link when you have it ready and move the tag to “In Progress” when you do.

Thanks for contributing

Thanks everyone for the support :blush:

Thanks @jakfrost