What is org.fedoraproject.Platform update?

I did an upgrade from F30 to F31 recently. Now the “Software”-App is showing me an available update called “org.fedoraproject.Platform f32” which is 595.7MB.
When I click on Details it shows: runtime/org.fedoraproject.Platform/x86_64/f32 and “No update description available.”
However, this is only shown by the Software-App and not when I do an dnf upgrade in Terminal.
Can apply this upgrade safely or will this upgrade my computer to F32?
What will it do?
If I do not want to apply it now is there any possibility to put it on hold/pin it?

Thanks for your help.

Hello @jaknaus

Take into account that GNOME Software is not a frontend to DNF. So what you see using dnf is not always the same as GNOME Software, and vice versa.
What you see is something related to Flatpak. BTW I’m not so expert to answer deeply to your question.

This will not upgrade your computer to Fedora 32. It is a flatpak runtime for Fedora applications. You can think of it like a dependency for flatpak applications that are packaged by Fedora.

For example, I am on Fedora 32 beta and you are on Fedora 31 but since we both have this flatpak runtime any flatpaks we install will be exactly the same despite our base systems being different.

Edit: You don’t have to install it, but there is no reason not to, unless perhaps you have bandwidth restrictions or very limited disk space.


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