What is next for the Container SIG

Hi all,

I wanted to take put down some thoughts on how to move forward with the container SIG and look at the next few big things I think we should focus on.

SIG organization

I would like the SIG to move to a scrumish way of working, ie choose a topic to focus for next few iteration and use the meeting every 2 weeks to report status. I think that would be a nice way also to onboard people looking to contribute.

Base Image Build and CI

I would like to focus on the Fedora Base image since this is currently our main deliverable, I have a POC of base image built using OSBS. I would like to move this forward and add CI to it so we can make sure our base image is always in a good shape.

Container First initiative

This is a big one, but OSBS currently supports building container from source (ie not rpm package). Golang is only language currently supported, I really would like to enable this in Fedora we need some technical effort and also documentation, guideline and FESCO approval.


The documentation has moved to github (https://github.com/containers/docs), we don’t have too much there yet so it would be nice to focus a bit on it and add more content.

What do you think ?

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LGTM, sounds good!

Can we already move to taiga?

What about the CI workflow for layered images?

Can we already move to taiga?

I think it is not 100% ready yet, but that should be coming soon. As soon as I know more I ll update you.

What about the CI workflow for layered images?

If we get it to work for the base image there are not reasons why it would not work for layered images.