What is happening when I install Evolution from Software

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I just did a fresh install for the first time in years, of F32. I installed Evolution from Gnome Software, and then I got “org.freedesktop.dbus.error.serviceunknown” when I tried to add an Exchange account. To my surprise, I then noticed that rpm -qa didn’t show evolution as being installed. So I uninstalled from Software, and then installed evolution-ews via dnf, and now my email works fine. (But Evolution still shows as not installed in Software.)

So I’m not concerned about the dbus error, but I’d like to understand what I was really doing when I installed from Software. I see now that Evolution’s source is listed in Software as registry.fedoraproject.org. What is this? On that site I see references to podman and docker; is it installing through one of those systems? Or is this somehow related to flatpak (even though I haven’t enabled flathub)?


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http://registry.fedoraproject.org/ is Fedora’s own Flatpak registry, so you have installed Evolution as a Flatpak, not as an RPM. I don’t use Software, but it should give you both options, as a Flatpak and as an RPM if they are available, and you can choose the one you prefer, if I remember correctly. Fedora’s Flatpak registry is not as big as Flathub, and it has same rules with respect to licences as regular Fedora repos.


Thanks! That makes sense. I see now that for some software on the registry site, both versions are listed in Software; for others, only the Flatpak, and for still others, only the rpm. Strange, but now that I know what I’m looking at it’ll be fine.

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