What is ~/.conan? Why does it take up so much disk space?

Today I found a hidden directory ~/.conan that takes up 2G of disk space, with the subdirectory ~/.conan/data/wxwidgets/ taking up 1.9G.
I haven’t installed the package conan. In fact I don’t know what it is.
What is .conan for? How was it created? Why would audacity create the above huge subdirectory? Is it safe to remove it?
I would appreciate any comments.

It looks like a general package manager:

I don’t know how it’s used in Audacity, though—perhaps for plugins and widgets? So it’s large because it contains package data.

Is this audacity from the repositories, by the way?

Thanks for your reply.
As I wrote in my first post I haven’t installed conan.
The directory I referred to is
where * is actually an underscore. I did type underscores in the first post but for some reason they aren’t shown correctly.
I first installed audacity from the official repository and later replaced it by audacity-freeworld from rpmfusion, which is what I use now.
BTW 3.1.3-1 is the version number of audacity (not audacity-freeworld) in the Updates repository.

Hrm, I’m not sure then. Maybe audacity keeps bits there—best to wait for some audacity users to chime in.

Worth looking at the audacity docs here (but I didn’t find anything much on conan apart from the link I shared)