What information do we want to ask for in support requests

Working on issue 1, I want to run this by the team to see if I’m missing anything.

The idea is to have a template in the Pagure repo that teams can use when they request support from us. That way we can figure out who to assign without having to go back and forth a bunch.

  • Team name: [name of the team]
  • Type of support needed: [what does your team need help with? managing ongoing work prioritization, a particular objective or change proposal, etc]
  • Length of support: [“indefinitely” is an option here, too]
  • Estimated hourly work: [how much time does the assigned team member need to plan on?]
  • Meeting times: [when do you meet]
  • Communication channels: [where do you do asynchronous and synchronous communication]
  • Documentation: [where can we see what you’re doing now?]

Anything else I’m missing? Anything we don’t need to bother asking? I’ll set up the template in the next few days with whatever we have right now. We can always update it later if we have changes we want to make.

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Looks good to me. But I know next to nothing about this whole system so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

I believe that we can always improve this template in the future when we identify more specific areas that can help everybody but for now the only thinks that came to my mind is something like:

  • Priority / How fast your team needs engagement from PGM Team?
  • Who to contact with directly (who has the best knowledge) about request in order to start work more efficiently? (if applicable)
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Hello BCotton,

Looks good to me,too. Perhaps the responsible Person on the requested Site.
Or is it the person where created the issue ?


I assumed it would be the person who opened the ticket, but since you and Pawel both brought it up, I think asking for the contact person is a good addition. In most cases, it will probably be the person who opened the ticket, but not necessarily.

Only other thing I can think of is if there is a mission critical date that they need assistance before. Probably wouldn’t be used in most cases but I could see there being a few that would be of an urgent priority.

I would also suggest some form of dates in the template - estimated start date and end date. I also wonder whether any of these requests might want a specific person but that may just be getting too detailed for an initial triage.