What if I can't use DHCP?

What can I do if I can only use a raw x86_64 image and I can’t use a DHCP?

Doesn’t the IoT part imply connectivity as a requirement? Just asking, no sarcasm intended.

Sure. But there are some environments where a DHCP isn’t available.

I’m not familiar with the IoT image, but maybe link-local addresses could be used? I’ve made use of these before by adding, for example,

fe80::215:17ff:fed1:b181%eth0 example.edu

to the /etc/hosts file of my Linux client(s).

Good point, it is the case in most edge computing situations out in the field I would guess, in particular those RTU applications for IoT.

I found a way (a workaround?).
Edit the linux line in grub, by adding rw rb.break
Press Enter for maintenance. In the shell edit the /sysroot/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 file in the usual way:


and so on.

Then reboot.

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