What happened to my chromium developer tools?

It’s missing letters an lots of labels. Some appear on hovering

KDE Plasma on X11

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A bit more info’s would be great.

Fedora version / kernel version and more about your hardware.

Recent kernel changes to 5.11 gave several new topics with display problems.

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Linux mw-lat5591 5.11.14-200.fc33.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Apr 14 15:25:53 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

intel UHD 630

interesting… let’s see if there’s an older kernel still in grub

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Did this start after some packages were updated? If so, please reboot and see if that fixes the issue?

as an experienced Windows user this is what i tried :wink:

don’t remember exactly when it started, using chromium now and then, therefore I can’t name a specific package or date when it started. It was bugging me a few weeks ago at least, continued with Firefox on this specific task and than did not pay much of attention (sort of: “will be fixed after reboot probably”). Now I came back to chromium and it even seem to be worse than ever.

update: now on 5.8.15, same - on X11 or Wayland (which is still not as stable for plasma as it should be, but thats another story)

Is this limited to chromium? If it were a lower level issue like a kernel one, one would expect it to perhaps affect more than one application :thinking: .

Can you please ensure that you’ve updated and then rebooted (sometimes libraries etc. being updated result in these issues since the system continues to use older copies for already open applications)? And if that doesn’t help, could you quickly create a new user to see if the issue persist there (this will rule out any config/theme related issues that will be specific to your current user)?

Thanks for this hint. It was indeed related to my user’s config. However, I didn’t figure out what exactly was the reason. I like to tinker around in the plasma config settings, so there were lots of switches toggled already. Highly suspected: font selection (Fira Family), adapted hinting/anti-aliasing settings, dpi scaling settings and so on. What I did: deleted all plasma config files and started over with default visuals. Everything is working again, so, probably my fault.


Ah. Yeh, sometimes, especially between major version updates, the underlying configs can change. Folks like us who tend to upgrade (and almost never fresh-install) do get caught up in these issues. Creating a new user is generally the shortest way of verifying if it was user specific config related.

I’m glad it’s fixed now. Please mark the answer as the solution when you have a minute to mark this topic as solved, and close it.

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