What happened to 'main menu' app in fedora 30

When I used fedora 29, I had an application named ‘main menu’ in my list of Applications. I cannot figure out to get that same app working on fedora 30.

Hello @luckydognasa—could we have some more informatoin please?

  • What desktop environment are you referring to? Gnome/KDE/another?/
  • If it was GNOME, by list of applications, do you mean the “overview” (that comes up when you hit the super or alt + F1 keys?
  • What did the “main menu” application do?

I think this was Alacarte, based on the Wikipedia screenshot and my vague recollection of using it. I do not know why it disappeared for you, but you could try installing alacarte.


It was alacarte. Thanks

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