What games have you been playing?

Not bad! I haven’t known CorsixTH. I’ll try it out bc I have played Theme Hospital and I love this game.

OpenRA is great as well :wink:

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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is 10 years new this past month and I have been slaying dragons since then.
Which reminds me we need a Dragonborn emoji, and a “Foos Roh Dah!” notification audio.


I’ve recently learned that GOG.com has re-published one of my old favorites: -70% The I of the Dragon on GOG.com

It is quite old and it doesn’t really have a fancy story and it gets quite repetitive. But it has a very unique character: almost entire game you are flying as a fire-breathing magical dragon.

I wonder why no one recreated this idea in some modern way. I mean you have flight simulators, many kinds of them. But there is something really cool about spreading your wings and flying into the sunset (after you burned or ate everyone who was in your way :fire:) It is interesting to see that you don’t need a super modern hardware or fancy graphics to convey that feeling.

So, for anyone interested:

it didn’t work when installed via lutris, and if ran via regular wine it misses most of the keyboard shortcuts. But I installed and ran it with 32-bit wine wine32 from a regular Fedora package and it almost worked: it crashed on switching between mp3 files.

I removed all the *.mp3 files from the game Data/Sound/Ambience folder (it was background music, not monster screams or explosions, thus it is not required for the game), and it now works pretty well. Which means it is as buggy as i remember from all those years ago, but playable :dragon:

Fedora 34, wine-core-6.21-1.fc34.i686, wayland, pipewire, integrated intel graphics

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Mindustry! My favorite game of all time! Are you excited for 7.0?

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I haven’t looked at what it will have but I keep coming back to it :smiley:

I’ve been playing some of The Sims 3 and Among Us lately :stuck_out_tongue:


Funny you mention this! I just grabbed that in the winter sale and installed it today. I definitely like it more than 4 because of Into the Future! Gotta build those robots :smiley:

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Haha yeah. The Sims 4 just feels so empty and basic to me. TS3 is far better of a game, and it runs perfectly under Wine on Fedora - fun fact: this is thanks to EA being lazy and just licensing CrossOver (paid version of Wine) instead of doing a native port of the game for Mac OS, so we Linux users also benefit :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been playing Aliens: Fireteam Elite on console, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Inscryption on Steam.

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I love Civ6… is my biggest time-waster :sweat_smile:
(Indeed, a “little” session takes the whole afternoon and if I wall into the “one more turn” trap, I can spend the whole night… I know, I have a Civ6 problem!)

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When i just want to relax, my go-to game is Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s wrath. It has been since… 2007? (I even have the DVD in it’s box).

A simple skirmish game against other 7 AIs from varois difficulties.

Other games i usually play are CS:GO and Civ6. I’d love to play some Team Fortress 2 or even Apex Legends, but my Internet connection doesn’t help.


I’ve been playing Oddworld: Soulstorm on Fedora 35/36, which I bought on the Epic Games store but I run through the Flatpak Heroic Games Launcher. Runs amazingly well on the Framework laptop and Proton!


I’ve been playing a lot of risk of rain 2 and when I can no man’s sky. They really turned no man’s sky around it’s pretty good now

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Has anyone been playing elden ring recently?
Darksouls 3 has hooked my up on the franchise. I have over 300 ours in the game, beat the game 4 times, and I’m having a blast with the PVP mulitplayer.


love gaming this as well :slight_smile:

I ended up playing Danger Crew. It is a commercial game but fun old school rpg without grind. It’s short but that’s ok for the time I have to play these days.

Can’t believe I’m the first mention of Minecraft in this thread, lol. Good game and so glad that it runs well on Linux. With that game covered, I know that I can live the rest of my days on here.


That’s because on Fedora you are supposed to play minetest :slight_smile:

I’d like to see a whole separate minetest advocacy thread :slight_smile:

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Not a thread, but since you asked :slight_smile:

The problem with playing sandboxing games like Minetest, is that if you dive into it deep enough, playing it is not very different from contributing to an Open Source project.

You need to build a community, share you designs, agree on what and how to build, and then collaborate, track, moderate, contribute, document… All the nice things.

So after my initial run with Minetest and building some cool things like water-based elevator there, I couldn’t continue. I turned to play Fedora instead :slight_smile:

But there are definitely some nice communities around it, running cool projects.

For example I follow the German-speaking Minetest account:

They work on introducing Minetest in education:

Having a community server with minetest (and also adding a Mumble plugin to it… [CSM] Mumble Positional audio w/ handler [mumble] - Minetest Forums) could be a nice path to introduce people to OpenSource and collaborative development, but that’s for now just a dream.