What games have you been playing?

After putting off on the shelf from rage quitting, I’ve finally got back to Dark Souls 3 and it’s sticking to me really well.

The game is only distributed as a Windows version on Steam but Proton makes it work really well on Linux(10% performance loss?)

The difficulty is a bit hard to deal with, but the final satisfaction and the fun of exploration really make the hard work all worth it.

What games have you been playing these days?


I’m back to Civ 6, with the new update with corporations and monopolies. Currently dominating the world as Bà Triệu from Vietnam.

I’m also looking again at the Baldur’s Gate 3 early access — Windows only but runs under Proton. They added druids, my-go-to D&D class, so it’s time for another playthrough, I think!


Oh man, I remember my time with Civ5. it was quite the time traveler. Start a game and the next thing you know the sun is down.
Can’t imagine how much better Civ 6 must feel to play.


I’ve been enjoying Watch Dogs 2, playing the fantasy of being part of a rebellious hacker group fighting the good fight against the man/system. Lot’s of fun.
The technology part of the game, which was futuristic in 2016, is closer to being real now in 2021. And the tech banter between people is also accurate, which I find bold of them to do.


Recently I’ve been really hooked on Starbase Defender for Pokitto. I really had to maintain my high score xD

On PC an early access title called Valheim has really captured most of my attention. I easily get sucked into those survival, crafting, upgrading, building type games. And viking themed is a major interest for me.

Though for short sessions I always find myself in Xonotic or Super Tux Kart.


Are you playing watchdogs via Proton? How well does it run?

Ah sorry, forgot to mention I’m playing it on my ps4. Hope that’s not too off-topic here :slight_smile:

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I guess it counts. A game is a game after all.

In that case, we’ve also been playing a lot of Settlers of Catan in my family since the pandemic started!

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There was a thread for thing in the gaming section. Here was my answer:

Well for open source games, I’ve been adding achievements to things so you can see my achievements . For closed source games, mostly 7 Days to Die.


I’m a classic Counter Strike player, and I’ve been playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive, trying to finish all the new missions and playing deathmatch mode. In the FLOSS game section I’ve been playing a lot of Warzone 2100 and a little bit of Xonotic. I think gaming is really good in linux now, and Fedora makes it really easy too.


I absolutely agree with this. I do the majority of gaming through Fedora Silverblue. Having Flatpak really makes all the difference for me as well, having Steam games available and of course proton (community flatpak runtime :wink: ) makes that as easy as possible. Here is a highlight of what I do for gaming:

  • Steam Flatpak (easy, right?)
  • Lutris Flatpak (for those Humble bundle integration and GOG games, even the windows only ones with wine! Got my Spore and SimCity :wink: )
  • itch.io (This one actually just installs to the user directory, so no setup required here. However, some games require libs not default in Silverblue, for those I actually just point itch.io to a toolbox with a launch script. This also works for windows games in wine on toolbox :wink: )
  • Flathub gaming. I play a lot of flatpaked games from flathub. The top 5 being:
    • OpenRCT2 (with the Roller Coaster tycoon game data from GOG!)
    • Xonotic
    • Super Tux Kart
    • Minetest
    • Mindustry

Any other gaming I do is either on Pokitto or through toolboxes, which has become increasingly rare :wink:

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I mostly play GOG games as I am against DRM.

I don’t have a gaming desktop, I play on my regular Fedora Workstation with Intel Graphics and there are many good quality games which fit the spec and can be played natively or via Wine.

The recent discovery for me is Rimworld, but there are also games like Banished or Torchlight, which I replay from time to time to relax. Or Firewatch and “The Witness” which are quite unique and amazing.

Even Shenzhen I/O sometimes, where you play as employee of the micro controller company :slight_smile:


Zachtronics games (Shenzhen i/o for example) are amazing if you like the genre. I spend many agonizing hours reworking those puzzles and the payoff is a real rush :joy:

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bookwar is in a temper tantrum and will destroy

Desktop DRM x1

Final staw : Steam

If you know you know

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Recently finished Pale Echoes (using Proton since there is no linux version). It allows you to enable developer commentary. The developer appears as an additional NPC on various screens. You can talk to him to get the developer’s commentary. I really like the feature. It would be hard to implement in some games but it is an interesting addition.


Cool, I am playing Civ6 as well. Atm I playing Kongo.

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I am playing atm Civ6, OMSI 2 (bus simulator), Anno 1800, Tropic6 or WatchDogs Legions. Sometimes Desperados 3 or Old World :smiley: It depends how much time I have and about my mood xD

I discovered recently CorsixTH, and since I haven’t ever played Theme Hospital, gave it a go. And I am hooked.

I also found OpenRA which can play Dune! So I found those assets on myabandonware.com haha.

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Not bad! I haven’t known CorsixTH. I’ll try it out bc I have played Theme Hospital and I love this game.

OpenRA is great as well :wink:

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