What ever happened to the plan to have Fedora available in Windows 10 "Windows Subsystem for Linux?"

As I recall, there was once a plan to have Fedora as one of the Linux distros you could install from the Windows store on Windows 10. RIght now, they have Ubuntu, Debian, a couple of SUSE variants and I think Kali. What ever happened to Fedora?

I can’t imagine the benefit of having Fedora GNU/Linux on the Windows store
would be, but you could probably install Fedora under Debian or another
distro. I don’t know the specifics of the proprietary ‘Windows Subsystem for
Linux’ (I assume it’s emulating Linux), but it’s worth a shot.

The benefit to a developer is that there’s less overhead than a virtual machine, which includes Docker when you’re running Linux containers. As to the licensing, I’m not sure how the infrastructure was built at the Windows 10 kernel level, but pretty much everything above that is open source.

I have no idea what the effort level is for porting a distro to WSL; there are blog posts on it and GitHub repos. Nor can I speak to what political / branding issues there would be; the apps in the Microsoft store clearly use the Ubuntu / Debian / etc. branding.

There is GitHub - WhitewaterFoundry/Fedora-Remix-for-WSL: Fedora Remix for Windows Subsystem for Linux.

  • Github releases are free to install
  • Windows store contains a paying version

I installed WSL from the GitHub releases free version. It worked.

Still I agree that Fedora would gain more visibility if it were available alongside Ubuntu and without having to search explicitly for it. Could benefits from marketing budget here …

I don’t believe that advertising Fedora where we cannot support it is a good