What does everyone think of quadlet?

It’s a brand new project and I haven’t even used it yet, but I think it’s got some promising ideas in terms of automating using systemd to bring up your containers from a minimal definition.

There’s podman generate systemd that exists but I think there are some clear advantages to this new approach.


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Copy/pasting some thoughts from IRC:

A good potential contrast for FCOS is having this be Butane sugar.

On a different vein, since this project hardcodes invoking podman and there’s already podman generate systemd, this could also just be part of podman directly (e.g. the binary could run as a systemd generator).

I like the idea of a higher level and well integrated systemd-like config for podman. I’ll give it a try to see how much is missing for my usage right now.

It’s a bit of shame that it’s in C as it’s a fresh code base but meh, I can live with that as it is not security critical.