What does a closed topic mean?


Does a closed topic still accepts replies?

My apologies for continuing the topic after it had been closed. I assume that TL level impacts whether or not someone can reply after closing.

Yes, exactly. If your trust level is high enough(TL4?) or you are a moderator or admin you can post in closed topics. Of course, those groups can also re-open a closed topic.


I still miss a Level, that’s why I did send you the link to the wiki as PM. Maybe it would be a good idea to mention the doc on your last comment.

The topic got closed because a quarter of 2023 is already gone :worried: , F38 is released and the F39 Test days are already announced … :horse_racing:

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Oh! Yeah, let’s move that new discussion subthread to its own topic so others can participate.

This is kind of a Discourse annoyance to me — higher permissions allow you to accidentally walk through walls.

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It makes sense that this exists. Sometimes as followup message of “This topic was closed due to X” can be useful. A message on reply warning that the topic has already been closed might be helpful here, just to make sure we’re intentionally posting to a closed thread (as opposed to the OP here where I replied casually where I shouldn’t have).

Yeah, I agree it should be possible, and a warning is better than nothing, but I really think you should need to do something intentionally. Ah well.

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I added a theme component which should add the appropriate warning. I’m going to now close this topic — feel free to use it to test!

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I don’t care that this topic has a solution already.

My reply either:

  • Has additional details on the existing solution.
  • Has another possible solution to the original problem

The marked solution works for me, so I will not start a new topic instead of replying.

You’re welcome.

That’s a separate and less-heavy-handed warning than what I just added. You should have seen something like:

Did you not?

I did not.

Ah! After a ctrl+shift+r, I see it when I tried to reply. Caching!