What do you think about using Flutter for developing Fedora?

I think Flutter is gonna be the future of software developing. I got so many reasons for what I said.

I think it’s an interesting framework. There are two things to keep in mind, though:

First, Fedora is really an integration project at heart. We don’t really develop our own desktop applications; instead, we work with upstream projects (GNOME, KDE, Firefox, LibreOffice, etc., etc.) and bring those environments and applications to users in a consistent, polished way. There are some exceptions, of course (notably, the installer — but even that is technically its own project). So, it’s not quite clear where Flutter would fit in there, except for if there are upstream applications built with Flutter (either new versions of existing software we include, or new software we want to add).

Second… since Flutter is a framework specific to the Dart programming language, and has its own package format, and build tools, and conventions, we’d need to figure out how to fit that in to how we package the distro — how that works with our integration project, basically. And I don’t think we’ve got a lot of work on figuring that out yet.

I do think Flutter is pretty nice. It’s a handy way to write cross-platform GUI apps quickly. I think we should have a nice answer to the second part, at least.


Thank you
Yes actually Flutter is really new and needs more development, either way thanks for answering.