What categories should we have?


Hm, having a whole category might not be too useful unless it’s the main communication vessel for the SIG. We could do it, but then we theoretically have to make a category for each programming language, at least each one that has a SIG - or only once they request it.

That said, I’ll create it anyway and we’ll just test it - if it doesn’t work out well, we’ll move the created topics to a best fit category.


Can we have Rust category? :wink:


@ignatenkobrain Rust category created and I made you the owner of the topic-description post.

For Packaging, should that be “RPM Packaging”?


Good question. Probably yes. Since we have modularity packaging and flatpak packaging too.


Okay, both are done now.


+1 for making the stripe on the Rust category rust colored :wink:


:grinning: Nice — I’m glad someone noticed.