What categories should we have?

It’s a little empty around here — we’re just getting started. I’ve made two categories (CoreOS and Silverblue) for the two projects we’re using this site for initially. And of course, there’s this Site Feedback category. What else should we have?


There’s an interesting discussion on categories over at the discourse site for discourse itself. Worth reading if you’re interested in this kind of stuff. :slight_smile:

I had no idea an official Fedora Discourse was in the works. This is an exciting change to me. I think it could be a fun and exciting experiment for some sub-projects to trial out migrating from a mailing list to a Discourse site. For example, a “CommOps” category would be a cool way to try and make some of our sub-project discussion and work more visible in ways that are harder to do with only a mailing list.

I see there are also now categories for different Fedora Editions and Objectives. I think this is an awesome way to generate some external interest around the ways Fedora is trying to innovate.


That’s not exactly the case as far as I know. It is more that people discussed on how we could self host it yesterday (since I have to do that for patternfly,https://osci.plan.io/issues/56 ), but I quickly used my super power of disrupting optimism to remind that for now, this is not exactly something that can be supportable, and so people should at least wait (or start to do the packaging work to have it respect the current FI policy of “everything is in a rpm”. Turn out that packaging 200 ruby gems seems to make people a bit afraid).

Now I would love to get discourse supported, but having looked at how that’s done, it would take a while IMHO.

I wasn’t referring to the packaging as much as an official Discourse instance on the fedoraproject.org domain. It would be cool to have it packaged in Fedora too. But I am seeing this as a rubber-stamped approval for official use by the Fedora Project, as compared to something like the Fedora Forums.

But I am seeing this as a rubber-stamped approval for official use by the Fedora Project, as compared to something like the Fedora Forums.

To be clear, I am using my “Hey, let’s try this!” rubber stamp, not the big embossed one that says “MANDATE”. (I don’t even know where that one has got to.) There’s no commitment to this by Fedora Infrastructure, for example.

Sure, so the question is to define what is “official” exactly. Like, official mean several things to several peoples. To me, that mean I can complain to Fedora Infra if stuff is down, and Fedora Infra is in charge of the security, of backups, etc. For some people, that mean that the CoC can be applied, and we know who to contact when there is a issue. There is the question of badges integration, or login integration, that would be expected too.

So what would “official” use exactly mean, are we there yet, and what do we need to do to be there ?

There are few things in Fedora that are this way, so I wouldn’t assume this by default. :slightly_smiling_face:

These are the things I would be curious to have answered. Knowing it is not a commitment by Fedora Infrastructure makes me skeptical about using it at all, if messages and conversations had a possibility of being discarded. I am interested in using this in other ways for conversations around contributing and participating in the Fedora community.

Perhaps some usage guidelines or expectations would be helpful to spell out. I have a feeling other people will also have similar questions too. If it were in the Fedora infra cloud, I would interpret it differently than if it is on the root project domain. To me, I interpret the use of the root domain as the rubber stamp, in this instance.

Hmmmm, maybe this should have its own thread?

We’re definitely using this for “production” conversation for CoreOS and Silverblue. And while Infra isn’t supporting it, as long as we’re doing the hosted version, the Discourse company is.

It’s the using it for further discussion and other things that I want to see where goes before proposing it as a more formal solution.

Yeah, probably – it’s both on-topic and off-topic at the same time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I definitely have an interest in this part. To me, this is a more interactive and engaging way of holding public discussion and discourse on topics in some sub-projects than a mailing list. If I can rely on it existing and being an available resource, it would be cool to migrate sub-project discussion to a space like this.

I absolutely think Discourse is a great way to have fruitful discussions regardless of timezones and other restraints - I pretty much rely on organic growth here. The more it is actually used, the more leverage we have to keep it. The current Silverblue community will migrate over here as well and that’s already in pretty good shape and has been a proof of concept for about 1.5 months by now.

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This reflects the way I feel about Discourse too, especially knowing that it also has a mailing list functionality for people who prefer to keep it all in the inbox.

@mattdm mentioned that he wanted to propose a working session on Discourse at Flock this year, so perhaps the discussion about Fedora sub-project participation can be a part of that at Flock. I’m hoping I won’t have a scheduling conflict. :slightly_smiling_face:

1.5 months seems still short. That’s enough for a test, but without having face a disaster, we can’t really how is the support (and trust me, I could spent the whole flock just on support disaster story).

We also have capacity of the hosting to take in account. I have no idea if we will explode the currently set quota for the plan (Standard for silverblue, Business for this instance) we have:

Someone need to look that. Is there enough disk ? No idea. How do we grow ? No idea. page view ? No idea.

Just on the monthly visit, we may not know about.
500k monthly seems a lot. Assuming 500 users, that’s 1000 pages per month and user (not counting bots). So 33 pages per day. And that’s roughly checking the website 4 time per hour during the day on 1 topic. That seems excessive.

Now, how many people are in the CLA group on FAS ? As of today, that’s 37132. So maybe y 500 users estimate is low, and if we bump it to 5000 (~15% of potential users), we go down to 3 pages per day and per user. And that is a limit that we would realistically bump into.

Of course, maybe my estimation are wrong. Cause if we look at mailman, -devel, the biggest and most active among the human populated list has around 200 discussions for 240 participants this month. Likely under the limit.

So yeah, before moving Fedora, we need to see how it go, even if we pay for hosting. Maybe my fears are unfounded, but that’s also my job to remind people of that.

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People will have LOTSOFQUESTIONS :tm:

But I think the main thing is that we are blending communities. How can we make the categories reflect both groups being integrated?

In the Fedora community, we have;

  • Packagers
  • Infra
  • UX/Design
  • SIGs of all kinds

In the CoreOS community, there is ???

Perhaps interested parties from both parts can match up groups? Or, maybe just a general category where the community can introduce itself to…umm…itself?

@aikidouke Yeah, I was thinking about that last night too. All of our categories so far are technology-area focused. It’d be nice to have something more… social. But, we don’t want to make it so that it feels like non-tech parts of the project are second class. And I don’t want a big completely off-topic category, either. @jwf, any thoughts?

What if we create a category called “Fedora Friends” or something where we can do introductions, talk about the specific groups, announce events like Flock and meetups?


Sounds good. I went ahead and did it. :slight_smile:


I also liked the idea of a social category that @sanja suggested. To brainstorm, this could also be an interesting place to run something like an AMA.

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So that category is now here. It needs some posts!

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I think that it would be great to have Go category for discussions related to the Go programming language, being it regular usage or packaging, etc… Also it would be great addition for our Go SIG.

@sanja @mattdm