What are you listening to right now?

Hey everyone!
Coming from the EndeavourOS project, I felt like this community could benefit from a bit more casual content here and there.
The guys at EndeavourOS are chill, outside of making a pretty exciting project themselves. As much of their forum community is for technical discussion, it is also for them just having fun times and vibes.

Hopefully, I can get some of that energy here too.

Well, that’s the goal, anyways. Despite my relatively long Linux time, I was fortunate to run into very few issues, so this is the best I can contribute to the community.

Outside of the usual synthetic music(Daft Punk) I listen to at the gym, I’ve been enjoying a lot of Saint Motel’s music. I don’t know what kind of genre it is or what, but I know I like it and enjoy listening.

From my listening so far, I think Destroyer is my favorite.

What have you been listening to?


Podcasts, mostly. But Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” album has been on heavy repeat in my house of late, too. Lately, I’ve found myself listening to more Black 47 and Green Day. I guess I’m feeling colorful?

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Right now it’s Mozart’s piano sonatas performed by András Schiff. My parrots like it very much. :slight_smile: They’re also fans of The Well-Tempered Clavier by J. S. Bach (same great pianist). That was on yesterdays repertoire.

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Right now I am listening to Chopin piano sonata 3 by Nobuyuki Tstujii. :slight_smile:


I’ll mark 辻井 伸行 as a reminder for future searches about great performances. Thank You for introducing this maestro. I also like guitar music, and since long ago I’m fascinated by 山下 和仁.

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Right now: ODESZA - NO.SLEEP Mix.12 - YouTube
But have been listening around San Holo a bit - San Holo & midwxst - Out of Options (Official Music Video) - YouTube looking for some more up beat.

At this moment I am listening to Edgar Froesse’s album Stuntman. Edgar used to be the soul of the band Tangerine Dream. Unfortunately he died several years ago.

He is Legend, getting ready to see them this evening.

I am a big fan of 辻井 伸行. What an outstanding melody! I didn’t know 山下 和仁. Thanks for introducing him.

i like dangdut & javanese gamelan :slight_smile:

yang dari indonesia mana suaranya ni

The great Lex Fridman podcast:

…in between Bolt Thrower

Love Saint Motel!

Been listening to Jack Garatt’s Love, Death, and Dancing. Wonderful album. Worth a listen.