What advantages does Fedora IoT have over Fedora CoreOS?

To be honest I don’t yet understand the reason for the existence of Fedora IoT. From having tried it some time, it just looks like a simpler version of Fedora CoreOs just with the added benefit of a nice web installer and of course the uBoot/compatibility with raspberry Pi and others.

However, in contrast to CoreOS…

So why not just make Fedora CoreOS compatible with Iot devices instead? What is the added advantage of Fedora Iot?

Also given that some docs seem heavily outdated given they still mention Fedora 29. And there are open issues regarding Fedora 32 in the docs. This does not look like a first-citizen project and rather looks a little neglected…

Honestly, I think ease of use and compatibility is the main thing. I want to help improve the docs, but haven’t found the time as of late. I think it is just a relatively small project and needs some work.

As for auto-updating, I have also found that it is a somewhat lacking feature. Right now I just have a systemd timer that runs podman auto-update and rpm-ostree upgrade -r which is fine for a single node that really only faces me, but definitely couldn’t scale well.

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Ah did not know that command line argument, nice!

However, it of course then ignores the built-in timer and rpm-ostreed-automatic service…

As such, I’d propose to override the existing service (sudo systemctl edit rpm-ostreed-automatic.service) and then just add the --reboot switch (in theory this should work, though the timer and )

ExecStart=/usr/bin/rpm-ostree upgrade --trigger-automatic-update-policy --reboot
# EDIT: THIS WON’T WORK! Do not copy this!

Anyway, we should better discuss that in the correct thread, but I’ll guess it’s too late and admins cannot move a post to a different forum… :see_no_evil:

Oh I have to correct myself, apparently rpm-ostree ignores the –reboot flag for their automatic update mechanism. :frowning:

BTW, hoping the Iot maintainers read here too (I did not found an issue traker or a better place to raise this):
Also on the rpm-ostree side it’s recommend to use some extra software for handling the update process including restarts.
Actually, it was suggested to just include Zincati for this use case, so can you do so?

I think this problem points back to the… unfortunate naming of Fedora IOT.

Fedora IOT is more like the Server Edition of Fedora Silverblue. It’s not supposed to be recreated after changes to the system (as i understand CoreOS is. Please correct me if i’m wrong).

I use IOT for a personal server, because i am accustomed to the Silverblue workflow. I tried running CoreOS for the same purpose, but i ended up fighting a lot of the features that work great for its intended use cases.

BTW documented the correct solution in here now: