Wesnoth - change from stable to development branch in official repos


I hope I’m in the correct section.
Does anyone know, why the official fedora repos (both dnf and flatpak) recently switched from stable branch to development branch for the game Battle for Wesnoth?
On flatpak it’s still advertised as stable branch but it’ll install the development version.

There are two problems with that. First is that the current development version keeps crashing after death of a unit (I’m sure it’ll get fixed soon) and secondly nobody really plays the development version anyway so the online lobby is pretty much empty all the time.

I had to install Wesnoth from flathub but I’d rather use Fedora repos if possible. :confused:


Hi @phalkon

It’ll be best to file a bug and discuss this with the maintainer of the package directly. I do see a bug about the game crashing, so perhaps one is already filed:


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