Welcome to Ask Fedora! Please read me first!

Welcome to Ask Fedora!

This is a community-supported Discourse instance for Fedora users. Here, you can speak to the community to get help with installing, using, customizing, and upgrading a system running any variant of Fedora. You can also ask questions related to the Fedora community — for example, how you can join us and contribute!

When in doubt, just ask!

For discussions about development of the Fedora OS and other community tasks please use the project discussion channels.

If you are in a hurry, here is a short summary on how to use Ask Fedora on Discourse:

That’s the summary. The longer version is below. When you do find the time, please go through it too. It contains lots of information that will help us all use the platform better!

Discourse is not only a question and answer platform

It is a lot more! Click me to find out!

Unlike “question and answer” platforms like the previous Ask Fedora instance (Askbot) and Stackexchange, Discourse focuses on conversations. Instead of questions, we use topics, and instead of answers and comments, we reply to topics in “posts” (More on terminology.) This allows a conversation to flow between the user that posted the topic and the various community members offering help. This is extremely useful when troubleshooting. It allows us to ask each other for more information to better diagnose what the problem may be. So, topics can be questions (“How do I do … ?”) or issues that need troubleshooting (“I can’t get my sound to work”), or anything else. In addition, Discourse allows a reply to be marked as the solution to the topic. Using this feature will help future visitors who may have encountered the same problem.

The Discourse new user guide contains lots of more information. Please take a minute to skim through it to learn more about what you can do with Discourse.

Using the forum effectively

Click here to read how the forum is organized.

Please start with this tutorial which will give you a general understanding of how to navigate the system.




There’s no “best way” to categorize information in a user forum so we have divided the categories into levels.

  • ASKFEDORA has its own category, sub-divided into the following:
    • Common ISSUES, Please read this before ask or consult → FAQ before ask, maybe your questions had been asked before.
    • ASK in English → Related to English
    • ASK in other Languages for e.g. (Español, Italiano, Chinese or Persian) please use tag’s to specify the language.

These categories are not set in stone, and we leave it up to you to decide the best organization for your question. It is only meant to have some way of making it easier for people to find information.

The Discourse notification system ensures that you are informed of updates related to your activity.

Helping your helpers

You should try to make things easier for others that try to help you.

In general:

  • Check to see if the information you are looking for is documented on in the Fedora documentation.
    • quick-docs provide lots of short one page step by step instructions on how to do many things.
  • Search this forum before you post: someone may have asked the question before, or experienced the issue before you.
  • Always mention the version of the Fedora OS you are using.
  • Try to clearly document what you were doing, step-by-step if you can.
  • Provide as much relevant information about your system
    • Commands that tell you about your system, its hardware, its packages and so on are documented here.
    • Don’t worry if you can not gather more information, though. Other users will ask you what what they need, and you will learn in the process too!

Participating in discussions

Please remember to be courteous to everyone on the forum, as we do in the community. Please be excellent to each other. We must all follow the Fedora Code of Conduct. Please report any posts that you feel do not follow this spirit to the forum staff by flagging the post.

Discourse is designed to make conversations easy, and fun! You can reply to posts, quote selected bits of posts, like posts, save drafts for later, use emojis, and more!. You can even reply to posts by e-mail!

Feedback is always welcome

Please use the “Site Feedback” category to get in touch with the site staff. (Note that “staff” doesn’t mean employees — this site is run by the Fedora Community.)

Community discussion channels:

This forum is aimed at end-user troubleshooting. For Fedora Project community discussion, please join to the various channels the different teams use:

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