Welcome screen "third party repository" enable/disable toggle is confusing


I noticed on youtube that after the installation the welcome window has this part where you can either enable third party repository or disable it. However, I don’t understand which of these settings is the one which actually enable them.

So if the setting is as shown in the picture, does that mean that if I press next now, it will enable third-party repositories?

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If you click on “Enable Third-Party Repositories” it will enable them. Have a look which 3rd party repos are enabled:

That guide doesn’t seem to help since the guide says nothing about this toggle and in which position third party repos will actually be enabled…

@computersavvy 's comment in Welcome Screen Enable/Distable third-party repositories - #4 by computersavvy shows how to enable/disable them from Gnome Software

Since the enable/disable toggle doesn’t seem to be very intuitive, it could be good to report it to devs and request a change of the UI element to a “0/1 switch” as implemented in Gnome Software

So if its blue (as shown in my picture) and I hit next, it will enable third party repos?

It would be nice if there was on/off toggle next to the text because people can misunderstand when it is actually in “on” position.

I agree

No. The big blue button does what it says it does, and the text clearly labels its action.

I did a test install to verify this.
That big blue button that is labeled “Enable Third Party Repositories” will change color to gray and reads “Disable Third Party Repositories” after it is clicked. The button is a toggle and its label tells the user what it does…

It is large and blue and the text clearly says what it is intended to do. When it is clicked it shows the change.

I don’t see how its purpose can be misunderstood and any changes would simply detract from the quite obvious purpose.

The ‘next’ button clearly tells the system to move to the next screen “without doing any additional changes” as is the common usage of a next button on screens within most apps.

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Well i misunderstood it, and many other people misunderstood it aswell, as i’m reading the forums. The setting is very badly designed. If something can be misunderstood, there is a clear chance that it WILL be misunderstood.

I took matter to my own hands aswell and actually installed it to my virtualbox. When I clicked the blue button it turned gray and says “disable third party repositories” or something. After this I clicked next and went to the gnome software center and checked the installation sources and repos, i noticed that it seems to have enabled the third party repos. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

That is the expected response. You can also enable them directly from within gnome software.

I don’t feel a big button that has text saying “if you click me I will do this” is a bad design. Each to their own opinion.

I see. Thank you for your response.

I feel like some kind of on/off toggle would be nice next to text box which says “Enable third party respositories”. That is usually the way settings are presented in gnome. But that it just my opinion at least.

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