Welcome Screen Enable/Distable third-party repositories


Hi, I just installed Fedora 36. I’m new to Fedora and already confused.
It’s about the welcome screen. There is a button of:

“Enable Third-Party Repositories” (blue)
“Disable Third-Party Repositories” (white)

What state is the actual state? I mean is the text the action when clicked or is it the active state (inverted)?

This is a classical UX/UI issue or fail. On videos I see that in Fedora 35 it’s a toggle switch, which whould be definitly the better choice for that.

Can someone help me: What look should the button have when I want to enable the third-party stuff. Can you understand this UI issue? xD

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Those are toggles and clicking on them performs the action noted in the text.

When blue it usually means it is selected and that pressing enter will also perform that action.

Ok thanks. But it’s maybe not the best UI element for that. Anyway… ^^

The way I use for the 3rd party repos is within gnome-software. On f36 use the ‘hamburger menu’ at the upper right and select repositories. Then there are a lot of repos listed with a switch beside each to enable or disable each.

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