Weirdness after screen unlock



Anybody else have weirdness after screen unlock? Some windows get moved to other monitors (Spotify every single time). Also, my audio output will magically switch back to headphones sometimes after a screen unlock.


I’ve not experienced this myself. Do you know if it is limited to just Fedora Silverblue? Can you reproduce it with Fedora Workstation?



I have not experienced this happening, although I will be honest that I haven’t paid that close attention to the window placement before/after locking the screen. Could you describe the steps that led to the “weirdness”? Perhaps I can try to replicate it on my system.


I have never experienced this. After seeing this post I tried to reproduce it but failed.


I’m not sure if it is limited to SilverBlue or not. My main workstation is the only multiple monitor/multiple audio output station I have. I’m not really wanting to reinstall plain Fedora on it as I use it for work.


You could try to reproduce it with a Live CD if you were interested. I understand not wanting to re-install your only system to chase a bug.


I have a couple of extra monitors and another video card I could install on my system to try and replicate the problem. The only issue is I am not likely running the same bare metal as you, if this turns out to be driver related for instance.


My graphics card is Radeon HD 7850 if that helps.