Weird Pixelation with RX 6700XT Navi 22

I’m seeing weird pixelation happening after installing an RX 6700 XT. The discoloration mostly happens when screen animations are happening, like a notification popping up and going away. Much more pronounced when gaming. See attached images.

OS: Fedora 34, KDE Plasma 5.80.0
Driver: amdgpu
Kernel: 5.11.14-300
Display: 1080p 60Hz (2)
Graphics Platform: X11

When I first installed I was seeing errors saying failed to load navy_flounder_sos.bin, so I pulled that in from the linux-firmware repo. Seemed to fix that and the black screen I was initially getting. Just having these pixelation issues now.

Any ideas how to fix this? Would moving to the pro driver make a difference (I am reluctant to do this and would prefer to stick with the open source driver)?