Weird Libreoffice freeze due to gnupg


A really weird Libreoffice issue that’s related to GnuPG. It’s F39, an nspawn container…when I click “Options” in Libreoffice it freezes, ‘gpg’ process appears and Libreoffice only unfreezes when I ‘killall gpg’ from the terminal. The Options default screen does have OpenPGP key related settings that default to ‘no key’ so it’s probably related but I didn’t have this issue before on F37.

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Workaround that seems to work: going to ~/.gnupg/ and edit common.conf file there and comment out use-keyboxd there. Then, of course you will lose some functionality but which may be irrelevant in a container.


Please also see this related issue that was also fixed by your workaround:

Thank you!!

Not only did this fix my LibreOffice Writer freezing issue, it fixed my problem with Seahorse aka Passwords and Keys as well.