Weekly meetings in 2021

So we have had two Wednesday’s go by in January without an Editorial Board meeting on IRC. Are we going to have anymore EB meetings for the magazine or are we going to switch to full asynchronous scheduling and article editing assignment? What is the schedule for this week (Jan 13, 2021)? We have articles in review, and more in progress.

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It looks like Paul is working with the author on 276. I can edit number 275 if no one else takes it.

I meant to attend this morning’s meeting, but I overslept.

I was planning on being there as well, but we had a major power outage and there was no communications.

(My tin can and string was also out of commission)

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We should probably keep the meeting, given we don’t seem to have spontaneously started doing asynch scheduling. I was about to volunteer to lead it, but then I remembered I’m out of the office next Wednesday.

I’m working on #272 and I hope to have it ready for Friday publication.

I’ve also nudged Peter on #244 again.

#276 is now edited, and just needs an image for publishing. (Card updated, too.) I’ve been trying to do work asynchronously where I can. Unfortunately I have little time for the Magazine these days. I’ll talk more about this in another thread when I have time to gather thoughts logically.

Did I say Friday? I apparently meant “Thursday”. Oops!

I ask this not to make some feel awkward about editorial duties. I am asking about the meeting and subsequent schedule because we don’t currently have a viable alternative to the meeting for scheduling, that embraces the asynchronous approach to producing said schedule. The schedule drives our publication of content, bringing (asynchronous) content inline with the (synchronous) scheduling of FMWP. There are two parts to the scheduling process, the proposed and the agreed upon. If we are to try to schedule on the fly, we would need a reliable mechanism to facilitate the role of proposing and agreeing is really what I am talking about I guess. In my fanciful liberally termed concept, we still would use Taiga to mark the card as scheduled and the date. If Discourse is capable and Taiga is capable, perhaps there is the option to have the schedule fed from the Taiga cards directly. We then discuss scheduling on the fly through the Taiga cards as far as propose/agree since we all (Editorial Board members) get notifications by being setup as watchers to every card. But this would not fully mitigate the need for weekly meetings IMHO. Or combine with …

And just use the Taiga card comments for scheduling agreement, and have the process handled in taiga, not involving Discourse.

I suspect the reason that there is a two part process there – proposing and agreeing – is because the one proposing the schedule isn’t necessarily the one doing the work. If articles are being voluntarily pulled from a queue, rather than being pushed by a coordinator, then a two part process may not be necessary. I suspect most (stable) people tend not to disagree with themselves very often. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be nice if we had some sort of large easily-viewable calendar that we could fill in ad-hoc to effectively communicate to others what days we’ve set as our goal for getting an article edited and published.

I wasn’t necessarily confused on the roles of proposing and agreeing, I see them as fundamental to achieving the end goal of having a schedule of content to publish.