Website Revamp Marketing Push

Based on the video meeting for the Fedora Council today, I thought it would be a good idea make this thread to have a place to brainstorm ideas and hash out what we would like promotion to look like as we get closer to the official launch in April(?)

We have posted the video to the Mastodon account to get things started. @nikodunk I think had another idea of reaching out for feedback or maybe bug reporting of the staging site. We can have creativity with what aspects of the revamp we highlight, but a good chunk of that will have to come from the Websites and Apps Team feeding us content.

What are some ideas I can think of right now?

  • Posting before and after pictures of the home page
  • Sharing the thought process behind different decisions that were made
  • Talking about the long-term view that went into development such that future pages could be developed in a way that still looks cohesive
  • Breaking down the tech stack itself
  • Commenting on accessibility considerations and asking for feedback on that area specifically

Lots of these ideas can work as CommBlog or Magazine posts (which would require volunteers), but they could also work as engaging social media posts on their own.

The most recent example I can think of for “social media coverage” that we’ve done is for the Creative Freedom Summit (join here) which I think has seen positive results. Obviously there are different topics, but maybe that can show the variety we can pursue in promoting this.

Anyway, as we have ideas and get closer to launch day, we’ll start peeling off some to publish. We do that, build up hype alongside F38, and I think it’ll be cool.

Please share ideas and thoughts!


Thanks for the initiative, @joseph!

I would like to fall in line with what @thunderbirdtr mentioned here. We can start slow with the public testing on the staging environment and/or GitLab pages (which ones of these would be the right one, @nikodunk?) and once that we are done with it, we can progress onwards to sharing experiences as to what went into designing, developing, testing and deploying these sites. The former (i.e. testing announcement can be done on Fedora Commblog, while the latter (i.e. experience sharing) can be done in both or either Fedora Commblog and Fedora Magazine, depending on the depth of the articles.

Once these are done with and once we are certain that the production deployment is publicly available, I think it would be great to make a formal announcement over on Fedora Magazine and Commblog about the same, followed by posts on Mastodon linking to these posts. We need to be sure that the documentations related to the new websites are available before that to ensure that potential contributors who reach out to us from these posts, have something tangible to read and folks to communicate with.


Definitely! Thanks for sharing!

Feel free to get the links to the develop and main deployments on our Gitlab repo.

We’ll link directly to the staging site here once some translations have filled in and the content has been updated, otherwise we’re going to be getting known/duplicate bug reports for unfinished things!

Exciting! Go Fedora!

Just following up on this idea in case the website revamp team has something they would like to start posting to social media. :slight_smile:

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Hi @joseph! I think we’re nearly ready! Workstation SIG (@allanday in this case) has given inputs on @duffy’s workstation designs and we’ve tweaked them.

CoreOS team is in the final throws of signing off on (thanks to @darknao and @jefferson2z) that @ekidney designed.

IoT is pretty much aligned and done (though like everything it’s still being optimized) - thanks to @darknao @glb and @lilyx for all the hard work everwhere on the new dark mode on that one and everywhere! Great designs there from @duffy and the design team.

We’re not quite ready to share the server page because @ekidney , who did so many of the beautiful designs (with of course @duffy) is still finalizing the last few illustrations with @mowest from the server SIG. But nevertheless - here it is (though please don’t share this one quite yet!).

@ekidney, @jefferson2z and @darknao (who finalized all the download pages in an incredible sprint!!) have finalized cloud I believe - so that is ready to share. SO much work went into these download pages - they’re amazing.

Finally, @lilyx who developed so many of the concepts above has also built a beautiful new navbar (everywhere) and our index/home page, here. Both of those issues are still WIP.

Thanks also to all the amazing translators who have made this all possible - that’s still coming in too (and @darknao and @lilyx 's amazing translation system).

Finally, the release engineering team around @darknao have put together an amazing new /download page for each edition - check it out! Each one is custom and amazing.

Great new /community pages are on each edition too - courtesy of too many contributors but mainly @lilyx . Thanks @theevilskeleton for the documentation of the new website too.

And thank you to all the other contributors I’ve forgotten - but yes! It’s nearly there! Anyone who wants to grab remaining open ticket from Issues · fedora / Fedora Websites and Apps / Fedora Websites / fedora-websites-3.0 · GitLab please feel free to do so too :slight_smile:

If you see a missing image or a typo, please feel free to ping here or in to gain access to our brand new CMS (linked from the WIP navbar) so that you can edit it yourself! @lilyx and @darknao credit goes to there too!


Up to you but - wouldn’t it make sense to share the final page once it’s on to social media as opposed to the staging site? Feedback and contributors from discussion is always welcome though :slight_smile:

I’ll flip it back to you depending on what you guys are looking for. For sure once these pages are live, we’ll want to coordinate so that we can announce the new website as soon as it’s available. If we have ideas on what to highlight once this goes live, we can do that. Things I already have in mind are:

  • General announcements
  • One post for each new page
  • Highlighting the new navigation bar
  • Maybe a post or two about the process of redesigning the website that could link back to a blog post about it if one exists down the line.

Before then, if you guys would like feedback on the new website designs before they’re live, we can do that. It could take the form of a Community Blog post that links to all the staging sites and provides maybe a Discussion thread to give final feedback on each page. That way it would be just one Mastodon post asking for feedback rather than giving a lot of coverage like we would once it’s live.

If you would rather wait until it all goes live and keep it to just an announcement, that’s fine too! As far as the Marketing Team is concerned, this is about promoting what you’re doing in the way that you think is best.

Let’s goooooo

How often are the translated strings updated?
Because, at least in my language, there are a lot of refinements to do, and some of the modified strings never hit neither the stg site.

What will happened to getfedora website as now it fedora have two website for downloading stuff which is contradictory in nature i think getfedora should be disabled and set a redirect to new

In the new website the workstation laptop is not good looking and image is low resolution does not look nice.

Yep, the plan is to reroute to on F38 release.

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I’m going to be following the rough outline I made above to get a few posts out about the new website. Let me know if you guys have ideas on top of this!

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