Website broken: unsupported hash algorithm

With Firefox 89 the website:

returns the following error: SSL_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_HASH_ALGORITHM.

I have Fedora Workstation 34.

It looks like the website is using an outdated hash algorithm?

Someone in the certificate chain may be using a weak signature algorithm (sha-1 for example).
Fedora has become pretty strict about it, see Changes/CryptoPolicy - Fedora Project Wiki

That page also describes temporary work-arounds, which of course shouldn’t be the solution to the problem. Have a look at the certificates, algorithms and signatures, maybe you can identify the problem and inform the webmaster

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How can I look at the certificates, algorithms and signatures, from a practical point of view?

Click on the lock on the left of the address bar, then on the arrow to the right, and on ‘More Information’. There you find technical details, and you can click on ‘View Certificate’ to display more infos.

(This is the steps for Firefox)


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