Webcam for F30?

Hello. I run my webcam 24/7 but Cheese freezes every couple of hours. Of the other two choices in the GNOME software center, Kamoso doesn’t install properly and I don’t like the other one. I was using guvcview and it did not freeze but it is no longer supported with F30.

Why? Are you sure? :thinking:
I never used such software, but as far as I can see:

$ dnf search guvcview
=========================== Name Exactly Matched: guvcview ===========================
guvcview.i686 : GTK+ UVC Viewer and Capturer
guvcview.x86_64 : GTK+ UVC Viewer and Capturer

I installed it and I was able to record a short video from my integrated webcam.


Thank you. It must have been a typo on my part. I was using guvcview on F29 then installed F30 from scratch and assumed they removed it from the repo. This should fix my problem. Maybe it should be added to the GNOME software center.


Hello pals, Do you know how can we resolve this problem .