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Is it possible to configure Discourse in a way that the site language (i.e. buttons and so on) reflects the browser language?


How would you do that?

Maybe there is a Discourse option that the @admins can enable.

Nope this is a feature, the unique way is vía user preferences, maybe vía development a discourse plug-in and you know the hosting is vía upstream


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Have you looked recently if Discourse still doesn’t have such option?

Suggests that there’s one default language and then users can set a default language for themselves. No way to automatically update language from the looks of it.

I do see a setting that may help, so I can turn it on for a bit if people want? It only applies to anonymous users, though. Once logged in, they’ll have to set their preferred language.

@frafra what do you think? Maybe the option depends on Discourse version?

@alciregi Here is your answer to your question…

Altought I would like to have my interface like default default locale settings from the SITE because I prefer English and I’ve muted all categories except english and spanish…, however I can change that in my USER preferences…


@alciregi here is the result of discourse TEAM, about this TOPIC :


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